Film capacitor module in the application of induction heating

14th September 2011
Induction heating technology used in home appliance on the early and later with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental advantages of growing significantly, with products using the technology is mature and stable, induction heating technology ind... Read >

Skyworth TV industry in the global competition for high ground

09th September 2011
Has been focused on the color TV market, Skyworth performance are outstanding, issued in the country's first 3D television, has launched the industry's first intelligent 3DAndroid TV. 3D in the country set off an upsurge of popularity. According to inform... Read >

Samsung LCD panel plant start park

20th June 2011
The new LCD panel factory covers an area of ​​570,000 square meters, construction area of ​​360,000 square meters, planned for completion in August 2012. Put into operation a month to reach 100,000 glass substrates scale of product... Read >

TCL venture capital investment and development road map, earth surface is transferred

17th June 2011
Annual report, TCL about 51.8 billion total revenue last year. Will soon celebrate 30th birthday of the TCL, in 2011 significant changes occurred. As a well-known home appliance brands, TCL is the energy field, "straddling." The initial rumors, and in rec... Read >

LCD Panel Technology Explained

10th May 2011
There are many different panel technologies used in the production of LCDs. They range from budget TN panels for expensive, professional quality S-IPS and S-PVA panels. The average consumer usually has no idea what panel technology used in their LCD. In f... Read >

Broadcom baseband chip smart phone application processor Merlyn

15th April 2011
Semiconductors for wired and wireless communications worldwide market leader Broadcom (Broadcom) today announced the introduction of the new baseband processor BCM28150, the chip for affordable high-performance smart phones. The new BCM28150 HSPA + baseba... Read >