Skyworth TV industry in the global competition for high ground

Published: 09th September 2011
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Has been focused on the color TV market, Skyworth performance are outstanding, issued in the country's first 3D television, has launched the industry's first intelligent 3DAndroid TV. 3D in the country set off an upsurge of popularity. According to information from professional organizations Ovid Consulting (AVC) statistics show that Skyworth 3D TV in the first two weeks of June the amount of retail market share as high as 18.1% and 18.8%, showing explosive growth.

2011 can be described as the popularity of 3D television, the major color TV manufacturers have increased the investment in 3D TV, 3D TV dazzling variety, and prices are getting close to the people. Skyworth led to competing domestic brands introduced cost-effective 3D TV, 3D TV, breaking the bottleneck of high prices, but also the 3D TV initiative from the original Samsung, Sony and other foreign brands, domestic TV makers rush back to the hands.

Blue Ocean Strategy seek to differentiate

Currently, most of the domestic color TV manufacturers will be 3D TV as a high-end products to promote. The Skyworth intelligent 3D product line in a very wide, covering all high school low-grade, high-end products which include E91, E96 and other cool the Android version of 3D intelligent TV, but in the end products include E92, E82, which do not flash-style 3D TV The relatively low-end is based on the 3D TV CCFL backlight K08.

3D TV from Skyworth not difficult to see continued selling its product structure is more reasonable relative to competitors, to meet the needs of different income groups. The high-end E91, E96 cool the two series intelligent 3D TV, 3D engine, and based on intelligence "does not flash 3D" technology, the world record first Android powered operating system, supports a variety of web video with the full network browser, Free Install / Uninstall third-party programs, and achieve with mobile phones, computers and other intelligent control of the full range of Internet products perfect family Intelligence Center.

Skyworth this differentiation strategy has been to Skyworth tasted the sweetness. May 2011, Skyworth 3D TV in the retail market share continued to rise, to June, its market share has been among the industry's first and usher in an explosive growth.

In this regard, the responsible person Skyworth, said in an interview: "We adhere to independent innovation, and insisted half a step faster than the competition, technology and product transition, walking in the forefront of the industry, while relying on product, marketing, sale and other advantages, further expand our market share. "

To gain an advantage from the industrial chain

Skyworth Digital June 9 of this year's announcement said, Skyworth TV sales in May this year, the same total increase of 12% over last year, total sales increased by 20% over last year. In addition, in April this year, Skyworth TV LCD TV market in mainland China sales volume and market share in the first place.

"Smart 3D TV is expected to do hot." Famous TV experts, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo said. Since last year, Skyworth and other major TV companies began pushing intelligent 3D TV, after a year of promotion, the concept of intelligent 3D has become firmly rooted, such as "no flash 3D", "Android version of intelligent 3D" and other new concepts have been so familiar to everyone. Therefore, the market demand for smart growth in 3D TV is also reasonable.

In addition to technology upgrades in the 3D World War II and the wave of popular products ahead of competitors in front of Skyworth layout of the whole industry chain is still active. In recent years, Skyworth around the flat panel display industry chain and downstream on a large scale industrial investment. Such as a joint venture with South China University of Technology is developing OLED products company, is expected in 2013 commercial. Focus on next-generation display technology, while still Skyworth LCD modules, screens, tempered glass, chips, packaging and other core areas to work on. "Must not compete with short board, short board the domestic color TV enterprises is the chips and displays, Skyworth adhere to these two short board meeting long." Skyworth Digital Holdings Limited Chairman and CEO, Zhang, president of Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. Xuebin says in an interview, Skyworth's glass has been exported to the international giants.

One hundred billion the next 10 years to prove safety

"Our next competitor is not a 10-year global business in the country but." Xuebin said the next 10 years, Skyworth to enrich the product line and increase brand investment and brand to go out to Skyworth. "We want the easier issues first, not anxious, this is a matter for decades." He said, "It's like human growth, better grounding, Skyworth is needed is sustainable and we are clearly Skyworth limited resources, Skyworth will not blindly buy other brands overseas, to only buy the normal business. "Xuebin such a construction Skyworth's" internationalization. "

Steadily expand the international market, Skyworth behind a majestic 10-year goals. Skyworth Group, the next 5-10 years, aimed against the $ 200 billion, the first five years to achieve 50 billion yuan, the second five years to reach 100 billion yuan. TV is still the backbone of the core product in the competition is not lost. "Go to keep up with the brand." Xuebin said, the original is not enough emphasis on the brand, capacity is not enough, now we must strengthen management. In addition to the strategic importance of brand, but also a rich product line, expand our product influence.

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